Thursday, February 15, 2007

ReedNews Update

Local Weather: Temp around 100F (38c) and humid in the day, lower 80sF (27-29C) and humid at night. Mostly Sunny Today. Precipitation: one day of rain since mid November, approximately 1 inch.

News Headlines: A Partner Conference in Washington DC over Liberia is just concluding with some very good news for Liberia's future. Up until now, the country has been hamstrung in its plans to rebuild because it could not access World Bank funds. This barrier was in large part due to the nearly four hundred million dollars Liberia owes the US. At the Partner Conference Tuesday, Secretary of state Rice announced the debt would be forgiven. This is huge, and paves the way for millions in reconstruction and business investment dollars. Stay tuned.

In other news:

-Guinea, our next door neighbor to the north is erupting in violence and under martial law. Continue to pray for peace and justice.

-After a week delay, Renita is in Buchanan, interviewing prospective participants in the upcoming business class.

-I'm teaching another course at MPCHS-- Interpersonal Communication- while continuing to dialogue with the folks at Calvin College about the BSW program.

-The Reeds have two new puppies, Bandit and Max. We also replaced Eastman's puppy with "Jackie" and are caring for her as well. All other creatures doing well.

-Speaking of creatures, the Reeds are about to be invaded by reps from Renita's side of the family. Next week, brother-in-law Brian drops by for two week, working with LifeWater Canada and LifeWater Liberia to dig wells and offer a workshop in this community for FoCDA, and in a couple months brother Henry and Renita's mom visit. Always great to see family, even though things get a bit "cozy" at times for Yers Trooly.

-Renita will be in the US in June. Partners Worldwide is calling in all the company reps for a meeting. I'm jealous, but thrilled for her.
More animals! This is Max, being monkey handled. The FEMALE monkey is grooming the six week old MALE puppy, definitely not behaving amorously, as one of our loyal readers wondered. This is a G-rated site.

The other two pups--Bandit above, Jackie below, hangin' out with Grace.

I'll tell ya, sometimes so many things happen around here so fast and furious, I wind up talking to myself. Its ok though. I'm a professional.

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