Thursday, December 08, 2005

What are We Doing Here-- Part 1

We know we have been giving updates all along on our work, but as time passes, our focus improves and our tasks become clearer. As we meet and listen to people in various organizations, we see better and better where we fit. Renita and I are involved in several activities, some independently and some together, so we thought you might like to see us at work. This peek includes some pictures from work that we each are doing fairly independently of each other: my work at Mother Patern College of Health Science and Renita’s activities with two local elementary schools. Well, they are not exactly pictures of us at work, but these are the schools and some MPCHS images. As time goes by, we’ll get you more shots of us actually doing something. Coming soon: Renita’s work with LEAD, Inc, and Bob’s work on the government Mental Health group.

Hannah, quit clowning and get out of the way! We're trying to show these folks some of our work. Next time, the cucumbers get soaked in vinegar, like mom used to do.

This is Christ's Friend Children Academy. It is partnering with Millbrook Christian in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

This is the other school, Sam L Dennis Memorial. We almost have a partner US school.

Renita, back at work, with our faithful watch dog guarding her every move.

The head of UNICEF Liberia speaks at the recent World AIDS day event, sponsored by MPCHS.

Some traditional dancing at the event.

Sister Barbara back at her desk laying down the law to Patrick, one of our HIV-AIDS specialists.

Finally, a shot of Larry. Not exactly a project, but we like him anyway.