Thursday, May 12, 2005

May 11, 2005

Hi folks. Bob Reed here. Welcome to our first post as we prepare for our move to Liberia, West Africa. We will be working with the support of friends and family, and the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee, or CRWRC. In Liberia we will be join Liberians in rebuilding their country after 15 years of civil war. More on Liberia in an upcoming post.

We intend to us this site as a place where we can regularly update you with the current events of our lives as we go about our business in Liberia, as well as give you a place to respond and interact. We of course will be using email as well, but this blog is an ongoing journal of sorts, and each of the Reeds will feel free to use it to observe, celebrate, complain, spin, and give you an inner glimpse of life from our persperctive across the waves. We'll also post pics from time to time.

Currently, I am in Virginia attending courses at Eastern Mennonite University. The courses are about trauma and conflict transformation on individual, group and societal levels. I love it, but it keeps me far away from Renita and the kids. I know they are busy in Grand Rapids, because that's where the real preparations are happening. Selling a home, belongings, transitioning out of two ministries that we each helped start, all takes work.

Smile, you knuckleheads!