Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Few Images

Hey folks,

That last post was some kind of Blogger error-- not ours of course, so we deleted it. If it doesn't look like it is fron us, its not. Now that we have some internet access, I'll try to send pics every time. There are so many great shots; these are just intoductory.

We were saddened to hear of the death of Steve King. The Kings mean so much to many Liberians. Our prayers and love go out to Judy.

We are still getting settled, but much has happened to make us feel more at home. We even got a dog yesterday. I begin my job tomorrow. Will write much more soon-- enjoy the pics.

Bob and the Reed Fam

Our house, in the middle of Liberia. Noah and Lionel on the porch.

Bob makes pancakes on the coal pot.

That's right. Hannah. Laundry.

Father and son calculate the risks of a gray Atlantic.

View of raindrops from our porch.

Now that's a front yard!

The rainy season at Thinkers Village. View from our front porch. Deacon Reeves house next door.

This is how our furniture got delivered.

The Reeds in Mom and Dad's bed just before Dad's laptop bit the dust.

Hannah doing some porch reading.

This I think is my favorite shot so far. A group of kids from the orphanage leading Noah along a sand cliff by the ocean.