Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Noah with the newest Reed-- Nikki.

Around the House

Hello folks,

A few more shots of the daily grind. We'll get some scenery and city pics soon.

You know, while it is true we are all making steady progress adapting to Liberia, it is healthy and wise that we acknowledge how much we reflect on our life in Michigan. We do. The other day I asked Noah, “How much do you miss Grand Rapids?” In an immediate whisper I heard the words, “A lot.” Tears welled in my eyes as I croaked out, “Me too.” And I thought how normal this is, to miss the place one has left, no matter where one has gone. I still miss living in Middleville before living on Prospect in GR, and I miss California before I came to West Michigan, and before California, I miss Chicago, and forever ago, long before Chicago, I miss Strathmore Street and Bogart Street in Lansing. So if there are a few minutes everyday when I’m sad, its probably more than that for everybody else.

But we are getting used to it, day by day. Things like birthday cakes, and dogs (we just got a new puppy-- Nikki by name), and becoming friends with the folks here help a lot. Some days Renita and I can see it fitting together, and some day, as Noah reminded me during that talk, we will miss Liberia too.

Oh, before I go, I have telephone numbers for you. To call Renita from the US, dial 011 2316 452 356. To call Bob dial 011 2316 452 381. Because we are out of the city the call may not go through. And Renita just text messaged me to say she got her phone wet, so we'll see if that number holds up. If you change phones, you change what are called SIM cards, which means you change numbers too.Just keep trying. It does not cost us anything to receive calls, but it costs a lot to make them.

Keep in touch. We miss you.

The kitchen side of our house with our new used Pathfinder.

The back of the house. Beyond the house is the ocean, about a third of a mile away.

A view from the front yard. Kids not included.

A not too unusual scene as I peeked my head out the door yesterday. Somewhere in there is my wife.

Ventura doing a number on Hannah's head.

Hannah in her bedroom, peeking from behind the bug net. Not really too many flying bugs, but nobody likes a cockroach climbing across one's legs, especially if it is being pursued by a lizard, which is being chased by a vole.

Renita with her "Is this shot necessary?" look.

Bob and Lionel stringing the solar security lights. Generator shed in background.

A view of our kitchen. Renita and Hannah working on baking a birthday cake over a coal pot.

Is this guy good looking or what?