Monday, August 07, 2006

One Year After: The Pictures

Sorry its taken so long, but the network has been taking a beating from West Africa.

We've published hundreds of pictures since we arrived in Liberia, and more than that if you count the months leading up to it. These are our ten best, we think. Look over the archives yourself. What would be your favorite?

Number 10-- Each face tells a different story as Liberians stand in line to vote, October 2005.

Number 9-- Traffic backs up on the way from Rivercess. Big hole in road. Car ahead stuck. Hands in pocket.

Our 8th most fave-- Noah on a Gambia beach at sunset. What else you want?

Lucky 7. Gbanga forest at dawn. Noah and I waiting to see what might emerge from the mist.

Favorite Image 6: Cheryl Brandsen of Calvin College and Enoch on a windy Atlantic beach. Who knows what may come from the meeting of these two minds?

What a beautiful pair. This is number 5.

Number 4 on our hit parade. Apple and Yers Trooly sharing a private moment. Hannah caught us.

Pic 3. An early water fight, with Renita doing some conflict transformation, and a tiny Nikki ready to defend the girls from an-up-to-no-good Lionel.

Photo number 2. Hannah and Betty-- not posed, I just snapped it. Love the hand dangling over Hannahs arm. And of course Betty's piercing eyes.

Still our favorite image, even after a year. Taken a few days after we got here-- Noah joined by new Liberian friends at the beach. Everywhere in the world, kids are kids.