Monday, August 22, 2005

Saturday Morning Errands Become an Adventure by Noah Reed

Hello. My Dad and Deacon Reeves and I went out to pick up some boards and blocks, to make Mom shelves to hold all me and Hannah’s home schooling stuff. Yes folks, school. Here. On the way, we saw some tropical scenery along with a family of chicks, and it rained lizards and toads. Not Literally. I took some pictures of our adventure.

What made it an adventure was the way home. On the way home, when we parked to buy ice, a policeman told us it was illegal to have wood boards next to me in the jeep. Yes folks, I was liable to be killed from sitting next to wood boards. The chief policemen came and wanted to take us to headquarters because Dad refused to turn over his driver’s license. I thought what the policeman was doing was stupid and I was pretty angry about it. I did not take any pictures of this because I didn’t want us to get into deeper trouble. We waited about a half hour while Deacon Reeves talked to the policemen.

After some time, the policemen allowed us to go home, but dad will have to go back on Monday and pay $10.00. Dad said he wasn’t sure if he was paying a fine or a bribe.

That was my Saturday morning. Hope you like the pictures!

Here we are zooming by a green field on our way to Duport Road. Its blurry but pretty, don't you think?

Looking through the rain splattered window at a coconut tree.

Dad and Deacon Reeves baragining for boards for Mom's shelves.

While at the wood shop, a family of chickens clucked past.

The dad chicken strides closer to the car, waiting to peck somebody.

On our way to the cement block shop.

Here is a picture of the tropical trees and a running stream from the rain.

A cool shot of a puddle in a rainstorm. Notice the explosions of raindrops.

Dad and Deacon Reeves shopping for fancy blocks to hold the shelf.

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