Monday, October 17, 2005

Election Update

We wanted to give you an election update, as we understand that Liberia election news is not making it to the news stations there. As of today, October 17, they have counted about 90% of the vote. The top three candidates are: George Weah (former professional soccer player) at 28.9%, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf (long-time politician, ran against Charles Taylor in 1997) at 19.7%, Charles Brumskine (lawyer) at 13.4%. As a reminder, the winner must have 50% plus one vote to win. As it looks like this will not happen, talk is that a run-off election between the top two candidates may happen in the beginning of November. Results from that election will come in much quicker, as it will only be two candidates, not 22, plus the senators and representatives will also not be included.

The folks that we have spoken to seem somewhat stunned and very discouraged that Weah is in first place. The newspaper Saturday described him as "a man with no experience in any area except playing soccer" and "the idea of George Weah as president is an outright shame for Liberia." We can only hope and pray that those who voted for the other 20 candidates will prayerfully consider who now to support and will make a good decision for the future of Liberia. With the lead that Weah has, it seems doubtful that even if Ellen gets the majority of support from the other candidates, that she will have enough to make it over 50%. Please keep this process in your prayers!

Bob goes to Rivercess County

In other news, (I feel like a journalist:-), Bob left today for Rivercess County for ten days with CHAL (Christian Health Association of Liberia) to do trauma related training and conflict resolution. As phones do not work there, we will be out of communication with each other for that time. Unfortunately, our 15th wedding anniversary is on the 20th, during the longest length of time that we have been without contact with each other. We covet your prayers - for Bob, that it may be a meaningful, safe, and pleasant trip - for me, as I carry on the chores, especially going into Monrovia, as well as sleeping at night. We are excited that Bob has this opportunity and trust God's hand in this. I will be updating the blog in Bob's stead, so if you notice that it is less pithy, you'll know why:-).

Bob preparing for his two week training venture in Rivercess County with CHAL.

Planting a vegetable garden - yes, in October - the first of two growing seasons.