Thursday, July 14, 2005

Our Family and available Spouses. The siblings are, from the left Steve with wife Patty above, then above is Don with wife Carolyn, Mom with husband Keith below, Sandy w/o husband Rick, Bryan standing, no longer married. From the right in front is me with Renita. Last we come to brother-in-law Dave, front in the gray shirt bewteen Steve and Keith. His wife, my sister Brenda, was killed in an auto accident in December. Much loved, her absence was painfully felt all day. Several times we wept with each other.

We were honored to be able to give a presentation of sorts to my family, to give them an overview of what we'll be doing there. Here is Renita taking a portion of it. She's a great speaker.

Hannah and cousin Emma explore the river Uncle Don enjoys as part of his back yard.

Hannah decides to fully immerse herself in the moment, with cousin Bailey looking on.

Of course, Bob must grok the river himself.

Renita, Noah and me resting near the end of a happy sad day.

Pre-flight family foto. Where did Noah get this need to clown around during pictures?

My Mother, Lucille and I. If you look close, you can see two things: The worried look of a mom in her eyes, and the completely full-of-life look in her grandaughter, my daughter Hannah, cutting up in the duistance.