Thursday, March 30, 2006

Wouldn't Ya Know It?

Yesterday, March 29 was quite a day for the Reeds and quite a day for Liberia. Charles Taylor, former president and charged by the UN for war crimes and crimes against humanity, was flown to Robertsfield Airport by the Nigerian government to touch down on Liberian soil, then be arrested by UN troops, and immediately coptered off to Sierra Leone (and later the Hague, it looks like) for trial. At the same time, Renita was on her way to the airport to pick up her mom and dad, flying in from Canada via Brussels. The airport was flooded with elite UN troops and international media. We were worried for a moment that the Brussels flight might not be allowed to land. Fortunately, Mr. Taylor was off the ground just before Renita's folks landed. Renita claimed her parents without a hitch and they are safely at our place.

A shot of Charles Taylor from AP, coming off the plane at Robertsfield International Airport. Renita's mom and dad arrived minutes after he departed for Sierra Leone.