Thursday, January 26, 2006

On the blocks. Its where the cool kids hang out now. I forget the standing kid's name. Andrew is sitting, then Hannah of course, Noah and Majua.

Here are a couple shots of some changes at one of the schools some of you support. This one is a partner with Millbrook Christian in Grand Rapids. Here the kids work on a dirt floor without desks.

And here is the same room, same kids, with a concrete floor and desks. Thanks Millbrook! And example of what Liberians and Americans are accomplishing as we work together.

On to the LEAD workshop Renita is headingl. Here is a familiar face to some of you-- Pastor Sam Reeves of Providence Baptist Church offers his perspective at the workshop. Sam is a LEAD board member.

James Hilary, LEAD program coordinator, talks with business leaders about making their businesses grow.

A few shots of the training retreat I attended in Gbarnga. Here we are on our way. Noah got a little motion sick after four hours of bumpy travel.

We arrive at the retreat center in Gbarnga. Noah waves out our bedroom window.

A water tower. Noah and I are thinking the same thing-- running water, and flushing toilets. Ahhhh!

The retreat participants. I get to hang out with heroes rebuilding their war weary people.

And finally, this shot of the area surrounding our retreat center in Gbarnga. Early morning, looks like we should see a dinosaur any minute.