Monday, November 10, 2008

Leaving Liberia: Part Three

The Kids
Its beginning to hurt a bit. As we count down the days to our departure, we are wondering about the inevitable goodbyes just down the road. We are missing our friends already. We are missing the children most of all. There are so many kids we have laughed and argued with, sat with, conked, hugged, teased, taught and bandaged. Some saw us first as curiosities, then as potential sources of goodies, but now there is something more, something much deeper. Renita and I see a handful of them almost as if they are ours. We know several of them see us more often than either of their parents, and depend on us for guidance and a sense of stability. We did not seek these bonds intentionally, and we hope that bonding will be worth more than the pain we will all feel upon parting.

Here are just a few of them-- "The Kids in Liberia." Some are forever a part of us, some we met in passing. We have hundreds of images of Liberia's children—we could have selected many more. Look closely. Each face is a brushstroke in the Liberian Portrait. Each is different, and each reveals something of the Face of God.

The Children of Gbaye's Town...

Ambush Corner
Koon's Town
Toto Town

West Point, Monrovia

Foster Town Market


Congo Town

Disco Hill

St. Theresa Elementary School

Christ's Friend Children Academy

The Reed House

Some who have planted themselves in our hearts. Of course Trokon, Eastman. (With Enoch on the right.)

Apple, Cecelia...

...and Faith.

Rachel (aka Chinese Girl)



Thinkers Village Beach. Taken on Morning One of our time here. Still our favorite image.