Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Reeds in The Gambia

Weather: Partly cloudy. Temps in the lo 70's during the evening, lo 90's during the day. Low humidity. Winds out of the west at 30mph.

We'll be in The Gambia until Friday May 4. So as we travel about, we'll try to get you some images. We hope to get off the beach, or out of the pool, and into the countryside soon. Until then, here are a few shots from around our hotel. Oh, and HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY HANNAH!!! (And uncle Dale's 60th, of course!)

The internet here at the hotel is not too reliable nor fast, so unfortunately the new images we hoped to get you by now do not seem forthcoming. It could also be a Blogger issue, but I think not. We've got about ten pictures we wanted to upload, with nice shots of birds and countryside. Anyway, we are enjoying our last few days in The Gambia. We'll be leaving early Friday morning for Liberia, with a lot of preparation and loose ends to tie up before our trip to the US in June. It has been wonderful visiting this place, and also seeing some of The Gambia beyond resort life. Maybe we'll get those pics up soon.

A Panorama view out of our hotel door. It's better than it looks.

Looking back toward that same door from the beach at sunup.

The other night we saw Hannah on the patio below us, just standing there, absorbing the healing winds. She stood there like this for a half hour. Groovy, man.

Tuesday night's sunset.

Yesterday, on a stroll through a local park, we were joined by a family of monkeys.

The Fam looking out for more monkeys. Stay tuned for more pics when Blogger is feeling better.