Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Visiting MOH, MOE, USAID

Er, that's Ministy of Health, Ministry of Education, and the United States Agency for International Development, in case you didn't know. The Calvin/Kuyper guests are leaving Wednesday, and I'm still on our Monday activities. But its been a great delight to have Cheryl Brandsen, Beryl Hugan and Judi Meerman here with us.

Monday we visited Dr. Walter Gwenigali, Minister of Health, then Dr. Joseph Korto, Minister of education, then Dr. Wilbur Thomas, Mission Director USAID/Liberia. The meetings were encouraging, exciting, and we came away feeling like Liberia and the US government would welcome this budding partnership between these three colleges. The establishment of a Bachelor of Social Work program would be a first in Liberia and would be an important step in this country's healing process.

Tuesday we visited a village in the interior. Another overwhelmingly positive and uplifting experience for our academic guests. Images soon.

Meeting with Dr. Gwenigali, Minister of Health.

Meeting with Dr. Korto, Minister of Education.

Downtown Monrovia and the rainy Atlantic from the Ministry of Education Office