Monday, April 02, 2007

More Blessings-In-Law

Weather: Very pleasant and sunny Tuesday, with low humidity and temps in the mid to upper eighties. Light and variable breeze. A most exceptional day after a weekend that saw 39C (102F) temps Saturday followed on Sunday and Monday by rain and unseasonably cool weather-- with daytime temps only reaching the mid 20sC (mid 70sF).
UPDATED Tuesday April 3
In-laws from my point of view, that is. A few weeks ago, it was bro-in-law Brian, today and for a while the VIPs are Renita's mom Marrie Kranenburg, and her brother Henry Kranenburg. They got here Sunday night. In an interesting "full circle twist," their arrival was something special. Last March, you may recall-- or review the archive to the right-- Marrie and husband Peter arrived just minutes after former president Charles Taylor touched down and was flown out in handcuffs to await his war crimes trial. This time, they landed for a stop over in Feetown, Sierra Leone and were joined by the current President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. Marrie and Henry both had a chance to meet President Sirleaf.

So you could say, "Last time they were here, the Kranenburgs chased the former President out of Liberia, and this time they escorted the current President in."

Anyway, should be a non-stop week. I'll be tormenting my social work students with a mid term, then Wednesday I'll be back in the village of Johnson Town with the MPCHS Women's Program. Thursday Renita takes the Kranenburgs to Buchanan, and Saturday we'll be visiting farms in Kakata.

This was the scene at the airport one year ago as the Kranenburgs arrived-- Charles Taylor being escorted from one plane to another-- bound (we hope) for justice. AP photo.

The scene at the airport Sunday, as President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf hears words of encouragement and praise from our own ambassador of good will, Marrie "Oma" Kranenburg.

Next day, the Reed morning ritual is shared: coffee, quiet chat and animals as we look forward to upcoming activities.

One of those activities being home school. Oma as guest intructor teaches Noah his piano, Renita leads Hannah through the music of math and Uncle Henry cat calls from the cheap seats.

Finally, just before dinner, its water time. Here Hannah and Henry discuss how much faster he can pump than "slow poke Unca Brian." They could not suppress a good laugh.