Saturday, July 23, 2005

A Day in Brussels

We spent our Saturday sleeping in, then exploring a marvelous and fascinating city. It would be great to come back.

Sunday we continue our journey, leaving at noon Brussels time and arriving in Liberia nine hours later at 7:15pm, Liberia time which os also 7:15 GMT. That would be 3:15 DST.

Hopefully, we'll find the net soon, but not sure when. Look for updates. See you in Africa.

Brussels-- just a couple miles from our hotel.

The exploring begins.

City Hall.

Everywhere there was this great architecture.


This was in a courtyard. City Hall I believe.

More of Brussels.

It was all great.

Dad shoots daughter on Brussels train.

Bob shoots wife and son.

Noah shoots his dad.

Eating-- what else in Belgium-- waffles.

JFK to Brussels-- A Better Second Leg

The delay doomed our itinerary. After a seven hour flight, we missed our connecting flight to Monrovia by about 40 minutes. Actually, we could've boarded the Liberia flight, but our 700 lbs of luggage would be on its own until Sunday-- unacceptable. The possiblity for losing our luggage in transit or at the Monrovia Roberts Field Airport, and the spectre of hassling forever with American Airlines and SN Brussels on poor phone connections was too great.

We told SN Brussels to fly away without us and we stayed with our luggage. The second leg in our journey had suffered a compound fracture.

Fortunately, we happen to know this Physician.

After an attempt to do a slight-of-hand which Renita caught and set straight, American Airlines took responsibility for the coffee maker glitch and offered to put us up in a nice Brussels hotel with new tickets to the next flight to Monrovia, Liberia-- two days hence. Suddenly, I was smelling a blessing. Instead of arriving in Liberia with no luggage, exhausted after being on two planes for twenty solid hours, we would be taking two evenings and a full day to rest, recover, refresh, in Belgium-- free. So, we'll take a couple days in this grand city before we leave for Liberia on Sunday morning. What a nice surprise gift from this Physician Guy. He told us, "What's the rush? You're in a great city. Enjoy! I insist!"

Saturday, we explore Brussels.