Monday, July 10, 2006

John Calvin and Abraham Kuyper, Meet Mother Patern

The college faculty from Calvin and Kuyper Colleges are here, and we are busy. Visiting Ministers, heads of big organizations, and Liberians in our neigborhood. Its too crazy to write much today. We'll give you the summary by weeks end. More pics tomorrow, I hope.

Saturday morning, the team begins with Sr. Barbara.

Joseph Kpukuyou, MPCHS Social Work Department head, introduces the team to the program.

We end the day with a tour through the streets of Monrovia.

Next Day, visiting the Reed neighborhood. Here at the Sunday morning church service-- the self proclaimed "Christian Reformed Church of Liberia."

Sunday afternoon, Renita leads the team on a walking tour of our community.

Dr. Beryl Hugan, Dr, Cheryl Bransden and "Almost Dr." Judi Meerman.

Visting a home under construction in the neighborhood.

The team passes by Eastman, Chokon and Jackson's home.

In the front, Noah and Chokon, then Renita, Enoch, then the team from Calvin-- Drs. Brandsen and Hugan, and then Kuyper College's Judi Meerman making sure nobody falls into the swamp.

My favorite shot so far, Enoch and Dr. Brandsen sharing a private moment on the Thinker's Village beach.