Friday, February 10, 2006

A Week of Homework

This was a busy week, but mostly spent at home. Both Renita and I have full schedules-- Renita with LEAD, homeschooling and the upcoming LEAD/Madison Square Church visit, and me with developing psychosocial training, working on this mental health task force, trying to forge links between Mother Patern College and US schools, and just last week, the college asked me to teach a class called "Conflict, Trauma and Peacebuiling." Great sounding course, but the curriculum is gone. So I get to invent my own peacebuilding class. Its a lot of work, but I love the topic. Here is what our week looked like in a few pictures.

The day begins with a lil' breakie. Some toast and eggs. Here, I'm checking so as not to burn da bread.

Homeschooling. Renita explaining the day's tasks.

Renita at midday, grading papers for business people in the LEAD class. Some of her students need a lot of help.

I'm on a roll. I'm developing the course outline and schedule for the class I'm teaching starting Feb 27. This was a good day.

Early afternoon. School's out and Noah shares his "playtoys" with Walker in red, Enoch in green stripe, and Obadiah in sorta white.

Some of her work done, Renita relaxes in the hammock. Reading Maya Angelou's "All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes."

Mid afternoon, and Hannah shakes a little boote' with Odelle, Victoria 2, and Rachel. This is a couple houses away, as Hannah continues to explore the neighborhood.

Late afternoon football action. Renita decides to face her mortality and explore what her lifestyle is doing to her muscle tone. Me, I take pictures.

Lionel and Noah, on the right, wrestling, get slammed by Hannah and Andrew, on left who are playing soccer. Nikki drools from a distance, preparing to seriously lick somebody.

How we prepare for the evening-- hauling the "VV9500" generator from house to shed. At ten pm, we bring it back in to the house. Its good exercise and a moment of sharing for Renita and me. Sniff.

A parting shot of my two favorite ladies.