Friday, July 01, 2005

Three Weeks and Counting

July 1 update: Renita and I are busy every day, packing the few remaining unpacked items in our home, preparing the load of 45 desktop computers we will be shipping along with our items, receiving components of our solar power sytem, talking with friends on the ground in Liberia, and working hard to stay connected to each other. Everyday we have a long to-do list, every day we work through that day's list. Here are a few shots of the kids over the past couple of weeks. So many great people are with us in this venture, it humbles us and reminds us that the world is a much more noble and caring place than we hear through everyday mass media.

Noah and best buds Ben, Matt and Sam goofing off at their place.

Hannah with her friend Abbey at Zoo School, from which Hannah just graduated. Great job girl!

Noah in the garage during our sale. Sitting on a skate board, attacking a Naboo cruiser with a stealth fighter over an aircraft carrier. Note the mouth action.