Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Hey Gang,

We continue to make good progress getting settled, although we seem to be getting tested on every turn. For example, we reinforced the generator room, but the guy who is reinforcing our door still has not shown up with the door we have paid for-- three days overdue. We get our container, but it is missing a few key items. We get a good quote on our solar power-generator hybid system install, but the same day that good news comes in, we mishandle our remaining laptop and break the screen.

Which bring us to the issue of communicating with you all. Because now we have no functioning computers at home, any emailing and blogging is much more cumbersome, and especially for Renita. I can do blog updates from the college as I am today. And I can do a few emails as well. But Renita will be more limited. She does not come in as often. We have not yet figured out what to do until November, but if there is anything we are learning here, it is that being flexible and adaptable is an absolute must.

Anyway, a lot is happening here. Renita and I are both very busy-- me with the priest workshop and the mental health task force meetings, and Renita with homeschooling and community work.

Enough for now. When I figure out how to send pictures from this computer, I will do it. We shall overcome!

By the way, yesterday was my mother, Lucille's 77th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! We love you and miss you!