Thursday, August 24, 2006

I Thought We Wuz Supposed to Be in Bamako

No such luck. The Reed family trip to Mali has been delayed just a tad. Due to bad night time weather, the pilot decided to pass over us on his way to Dakar Senegal, where we were supposed to catch a connecting flight to Bamako, Mali. So we waited a few hours at the airport, and then Air Senegal put us up in a downtown Monrovia airport at about 1:00am this morning. Its a bit surreal hotelling it in our home town, but it helps us feel like this "working vacation" has sorta begun. We hope to try again tonight (Thursday) and hopefully will get to Mali Friday morning at 10:00am. Looking forward to sharing Mali with you.

The Reeds passing time with a lil' Uno moment in our Monrovia hotel.