Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A friend stops by from Michigan

Tis been a busy week for us, thus blog work is more infrequent. That’s a good indicator of how preoccupied we are: more blogs, more time on our hands to write them. Fewer blogs, we are up to stuff.

Anyway, our dear friend Julie DeGraw visited us from Ann Arbor where she is working on her PhD from the University of Michigan. (we don’t hold that against her.) She joined us just at the right time. Our spirits were a bit on the wane due to recent rogue behavior, and Julie is the kind of person who is always upbeat and optimistic, but completely authentic. Don’t the fake upbeat people drive you nuts?

So, Julie was here to help us celebrate 2006, organize a Birthday Party for Jesus with about thirty neighborhood kids, and deliver some support funds from some of you. The moneys are going to the orphanage we selected to take in the kids from the beach orphanage.

We’ve been having a lot of fun, despite the work involved in upgrading the orphanage and putting on the party. Julie is still here, so things are a bit hectic. The kids are having a riot—Noah just got back from an overnighter with friend on the Mercy Ship docked at the port. Hannah is enjoying teasing the several Liberian boys who seem to have a crush on her. Our wall is being raised a few feet, the crazy season is over, and we are getting ready to get back to work.

Julie Degraw at the new orphanage with the well some of you helped repair. See? Clean water!

A day at the beach. I'm telling Julie how much I hate it when Renita takes shots of me at profile. I look fat enough straight on, but at profile I look like Alfred Hitchcock.

The Christmas party begins-- a great day of fun prizes and clothes for the kids-- supplied by some of you!

Tug o' war with Renita in the middle.

I try my hand at face painting...

... but Hannah is the real artist in the family.

Sack Races!
Noah supervising bobbing for apples.

Acting out the Christmas story: here Mary (pink towel) is visited by Gabriel (White towel)

Oh, and by the way-- HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!