Monday, October 20, 2008

Eastman Kodak

Weather: We are enjoying an abrupt transition from a very wet five weeks. Some scattered thunderstorms, but mostly sunny and hot. About an inch of rain has fallen in the last week. Day time temps in the upper 80s, night time in the mid 70s.

Even though we are theoretically preparing to leave in a month, we are still fully engaged in Liberia work. Renita and I are in reality preparing for a visit next week from Joel Huyser, representing the Christian Reformed Church in conversations with potential partners about future work in Liberia. More on that later. I just came back from my last (I think) workshop for Mother Patern. It was nice facilitating a great learning process with this group of Catholic women. But there is not enough time to tell you about it right now because Renita needs the car to go to a LEAD Board meeting. So, I thought I'd provide you with a photo exposition from 13 year old Eastman Morris. I gave him our camera and told him to go take pictures-- that was it. Here are some revealing images-- I call it "Eastman's World." Enjoy. More news next time.

Our next door neighbor girl Kopo-- a possible crush?
Boys and trucks.
A couple of friends.
I guess Eastman was hungry. Liberian "oranges." This is as orange as they get. They are peeled for the customer, who sucks out the juice and tosses the pulp.
A lovely shot of a mother's hands. This is Odelle, with her son, Success.

A wonderful and somewhat sobering picture of Eastman's sister Dbow inside their home.
An Eastman self-potrait with little Vera.