Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Teaching Dynamo

Renita is a remarkable servant leader, as anyone who knows her quickly testifies. Back in Grand Rapids, she supervised neighborhood homework groups in our home, was a powerful advocate for community schools, and was always off lending her wisdom at workshops and seminars. Nothing has changed with her move across the Atlantic.

Every Tuesday, From 2pm to 5pm she teaches the LEAD class. This is at Christine Norman's school. Christine is the late president Tolbert's daughter, and a friend of many back in Grand Rapids.

When she gets home, the kids are waiting. Here she uses math flash cards with Ishmael and Sam from the orphanage, and Eastman.

Drawing class-- some of these kids do not know their colors. In addition to Noah,I think we have Obadiah, Eastman, Enoch, Chokon and Ishmael.

On to Reading with Odelle learning Phonics and Leonard trying to figure it out.

From left, Jackson, Enoch and Obadiah taking a quiz on subtraction. They actually ask Renita to give these to her. For Enoch, this is the only schooling he gets.

Last but not least, let us not forget her pet students, Hannah and Noah, who she home schools Monday thru Friday, 8am to 1pm. Talk about productivity!