Monday, October 24, 2005

Run off Election: November 8, 2005

A run off election has been declared between George Weah and Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. The results of this election will come in much quicker than the last election. The campaigning for these two will begin on October 26, 2005. There is much talk, speculation, and rumors going around, as the subject occupies the minds of many. As I have not yet met a supporter of Weah, my observations are clearly one-sided. But I was overcome with sadness on Saturday, while discussing our goals for LEAD, that the Board members talked about two potential paths: goals and dreams that will have a chance to take place if Ellen wins, and the fruitlessness of doing anything with LEAD and setting any goals if Weah wins. In fact, those present (and others that I have spoken to as well) are seriously considering leaving the country, should Weah win. The scene from the movie, Hotel Rwanda (If you haven't watched it, I strongly recommend it), came back to me, as I considered those with the ability to leave and the many, many for whom leaving is not an option. As I worshiped at a small, humble church in a hut on Sunday morning, with songs joyfully declaring the glory and majesty of God, I fought to keep the tears back as I considered that these are the folks that would be standing by the side of the road, watching as the buses of those of means pull out (as in a scene from the movie Hotel Rwanda).

The biggest fear that people express if Weah wins is not war, but the International Community, specifically the US, withdrawing support and connections. This election is serious business for the future of the country. It’s not like elections in the US where you might not want one person to win, but you don’t face extreme poverty, corruption, food prices tripling, feelings of abandonment, and, to a large degree, hopelessness if that person wins. Those who want to leave just don’t want to go through it again. Those who have to stay don’t have any choice.
Please join us in prayer. Please pray that God will intervene and work in the hearts of those making new decisions of where to cast their vote. Please pray for God to spare this small country and give it a leader who is Christ-like, and will love the country and its’ people more than s/he loves her/himself.

Hannah holding Maajoua, our neighbor.

The Noah '95, our homemade lawnmower (dog not included:-)