Tuesday, September 13, 2005

No, this is not an old shot of Renita packing up back in Grand Rapids. We got the container! Renita is unpacking. Tis Christmas in September. The big white thing is our groovy Sundanzer solar refrigerator.

Noah, drunk on Kool-Aide (note the tell-tale mouth stains) attacks his only sister. Oh the humanity!

Hannah Adriana Reed.

I can't get enough of these ocean shots. The waves are very impressive.

A lil' cribbage. Gramma Cain taught me, I taught Renita, Renita taught Hannah. So, Gramma Cain touches her great grand-daughter.

The local "Christian Reformed Church" and school gave us a welcome. Deacon Reeves on the left, with the pastor next to him in the purple shirt. There was a problem wih the camera, so we were all getting a bit punchy by this shot.

Walking the dog. This was taken before the generator room rebuild.

A shot of Nikki actually levitating.