Monday, June 12, 2006

Bob and the Kids

Hi folks. Renita here again. I wanted to share with you some pictures of Bob and the neighborhood kids. However, Blogspot is acting up and we can't seem to get pictures uploaded. So, the images will wait. (You'll love the one of Bob, Enoch and Chokon doing their "I Love the Generator" dance!

Anyway, Bob is really connecting to the kids, and especially the boys. Every day the boys flock to the gate, calling “Unca Ba!”, ‘Unca Ba!’. They love to spend time with him and he seems to delight being with them as well. They work together on various projects around the house or the neighborhood. They laugh and problem solve together, he bandages their wounds, sings and dances with them, works on projects with them and feeds them. In addition, he deals with them directly on character issues, making sure that dishonesty or other unethical behaviors are addressed eye-to-eye, making sure there is a process of asking and receiving forgiveness, talking with them about spiritual matters, encouraging them to listen to the Holy Spirit. It struck me the other day how much Bob is playing the role of a father to many of these young boys – many of them do not have a father in the home. It’s quite touching to overhear them in their various conversations during the course of the day.