Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The West Africa Team Meeting, Part 2

I was away from the family for seven days to meet the WAMT and participate it its regular meeting-- this time outside of Dakar, Senegal. I must say, the environment and climate we delightful. Sometimes, it felt like I was on a very nice vacation. Mostly though, it was a priviledge to meet the members of the team. They have been on the front lines for years fighting against hunger, poverty, and the systems of that perpetuate hunger and poverty.

Senegal was a very comfortable place for me. It was mostly dusty and arrid, but I will take the desert conditions over Liberia's humidity anytime. It was remarkable feeling the difference. In the evenings, the air was actually cool and dry-- a sensation I have not felt for eight months.

Enjoy the images. And thanks for paying attention. You would be surprised if you knew how much it matters.

On my way to Senegal. Overlooking Liberia, not far from our home.

My hotel room. The ocean beyond. Climate cool and dry. I could think of worse places to be.

Another view from outside my hotel room, Early morning. Fishermen in the bay.

On the road from the hotel to the retreat center. Horse and carts were everywhere,

On top of a taxi. Notice anything unusual in the baggage net? (Hint: Baaaa! Baaaaa!)

Almost at the retreat center. Typical of the beautiful architecture in Dakar.

There were some great birds on the retreat compound. This, I believe is a Rueppell's glossy starling, but not sure.

This is a red billed hornbill.

During the workshop: Mary Crickmore, Team Leader(Mali), facilitates.

During our supper break: Fishermen on their way home.

Early moring at the retreat center-- enjoying a quiet moment in the dry and cool air.

Most of the Team: representing Mali, Sierra Leone, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal and Liberia.