Thursday, June 02, 2005

Renita checks in...

I figured it was time for me to check in and do a little writing as well.

We are slowly recovering, mostly physically, from last week’s sale. My sisters, Janette and Yvonne, my niece, Alexis, and my mom were such a great help and it was truly a blessing to have them here to help. In between the moments of craziness, there were moments of laughter and fun. The moving sale truly could not have happened without them.

It’s down to just Noah and me in the Reed house, as Hannah is off to camp for seven days with her school. It’s very quiet and lonely here, although Noah and I are good company to each other.

Tonight we celebrate his graduation from elementary school and my "graduation" from the GROW business class that I’ve been taking over the last three months. My sister and brother-in-law, Janette and Dale, will join us for these celebrations and for ice cream after.

Yesterday was my last day at Restorers, a place for which I have great fondness and love; yet I leave it in good hands, with the sense of a new chapter ahead. It also felt like it was time – fourteen months of preparing to leave is a long time. Yet there seemed to be the message that God is a God of order, and things must be done in His time.

As Hannah finishes up a year at John Ball Zoo School, a school that she loved, and as our chapter at Jefferson ends with Noah’s graduation, we enter into a real time of good-byes, which we each handle a little differently.

We miss Bob greatly and look forward with great anticipation to going to see him and spend a couple of days in Washington DC next week.

This was once a dining room. Everything must go!

The Kranenburg Girls-- Mom, Janette, Yvonne and Renita working to bring order out of chaos at the Reed home.