Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Weather: Heavy overcast with light rain. Hi Temps in the upper 70’s during the day, the lows in the upper 60s at night. Light breeze from the west-southwest. Rain totals the last two days less than an inch.

Renita and I are in the middle of a full week. She is back and forth to Monrovia clarifying and re-clarifying LEAD’s contract with the UN World Food Program—which seems to change daily as WFP adds more conditions. They need to get it together soon though, because the class starts Thursday the 16th. In the midst of her WFP wrangling, she’s teaching the LEAD class, attending community meetings and stubbornly running all over Monrovia trying to find birthday presents for her decidedly birthday-challenged husband.

As for me, I also have a plate full of Liberian morsels. When she's around, I'm offering my pithy insights and suggestions to Renita for the WFP gig. In Monrovia, Mother Patern College is interviewing prospective social work students as it prepares to launch the program. (Look for the official announcement in September.) The interviews are an honor to conduct with the Social Work staff, and I never forget there is something sacred about the task. Back at home, I’m writing whenever I get a few hours at a time. The CRWRC West African Ministry Team wants a comprehensive report on all of our work up til now. And always, I’ve got another Blog to crank out.

Hannah is finishing her first job, helping Christ Friend Children Academy get organized. She is interesting to watch—a mixture of her mother’s dogged thoroughness and her dad’s ability to guiltlessly put the work down and go play. Procrastination and productivity in one package-- how appropriate!

Noah is involved in a yard project. He, with buds Trokon and Eastman, are digging, hauling and spreading about 40 wheel barrows of sand and dirt on an area in our yard where the rains are washing away the existing sand. The kid has become a dirt-dynamo. He shovels it better than his dad-- er, dirt that is. Some stuff I'll be the champ at shovelin' for a while yet.