Monday, August 15, 2005

Election Madness

The much anticipated presidential elections are just around the corner, and today is the official start of the campaign season. Driving into the city is only topped by attempting to get out again. Everywhere I go, there are large groups of people marching, or dozens hanging from cars, handing out posters, trying to affix bumper stickers on my vehicle. I wish I had my camera with me, but I'll remember next time. All of this in the middle of the rainy season. Yesterday we must have received five inches.

The situation in Liberia is impossible to describe in a blog entry, but chaos short of anarchy is close. I imagine it’s a lot like the old American West. The “Law” is rarely available, and chances are the local lawman is looking for a bribe anyway. I think most Liberians forge alliances with neighbors and family, trying to makes a living the best they can in a decimated economy, all the while being watchful for the lurking scoundrel-- or “rogue” as they are called here.

But, since I have no shots of the campaign or of any rogues, here are a couple pics of yesterday's post-tropical storm water fight action.

Ventura, Onsay, Hannah and I think Apple negotiating Noah's fate.

I like this one. A nice blurry action shot.

Noah and Lionel giving Odele a shower.

The kids using Renita as an unwilling shield from Lionel. Don't worry hon, the dog will protect you.