Monday, July 18, 2005

Sixty hours before we leave. An almost empty house, and two children pass the time: Ten year old Noah constructs Star Wars Lego spacecraft and twelve year old Hannah blows bubbles while reading.

Last Friday: one last trip to Michigans' Adventure. Can you spot Hannah, Noah and Renita upsidedown on the Corkscrew? (Hint, Hannah is in the first car with Anneka, Noah in the second with Hope, and Renita all by herself in the last car.)

Last Thursday: A gathering of Liberians and North Americans discussing ways to collaborate in in peacebuilding efforts there.

The Executive Director of CRWRC, Andrew Ryskamp, makes a point at the Thursday meeting.

Renita and other members of the "Nehemiah-Liberia Group" plotting and planning after the meeting ended. From the left is Renita, Rev Sam, pastor of Liberia's oldest church, Theo, Justine, and Dr. Ron.