Friday, February 17, 2006

Some Random Images

Hey folks. You know, we take a lot of pictures, and only a few make it to the blog. Here are a few random shots taken around the country.

We begin in Gbarnga. A nice shot o' the forest in the morning.

Army ants. If you look closely, there are the regular troups moving, and bigger ants along the pathway, standing watch. This was in Gbarnga. Noah loved these guys.

One of the towns about an hour out of Monrovia.

A couple of egrets take wing in the rainforest.

On the road to Rivercess: The UN drivers often drive exactly as if the vehicles belong to somebody else.

A village like you will find everywhere you travel outside of Monrovia.

Looking up Center Street-- that's Providence Baptist Church with the white roof at the top of the hill on the right side of the road.

Renita by the ocean on a cloudy day.

Eventide at home.

Downtown Monrovia.

Some kind of blue bird-- I'm still researching, sitting on a mango (here called a plum) tree.

A breezy day down at the Thinker's Village beach.