Saturday, April 08, 2006

Photo Essay: People and Dogs in My Life By Noah Reed

My Dad said I could take some pictures, so I did. I hope you like them. Noah.

My Oma and Opa are here-- that's grandmother and grandfather in Dutch. Here they are with African clothes Deacon Reeves gave them.

Oma is helping Mom paint the porch.

UN gunships flying over our house. They fly over every day.

Here is Dad and Mom putting up the solar flood lights Oma and Opa brought. Dad would kill me if he knew I took a picture of him without his shirt. So don't tell him.

These are the three dogs in my life. This is Survivor, Pinky's sister. She is Deacon Reeves' dog, but she's always at our house.

Pinky. The barker. She is fearless and will go after anyone who comes in our yard she doesn't know.

Nikki. Mom and Dad say she's worthless, but I thinks she's cute. Isn't cute worth something?

Hannah chasing Andrew. The whole neighborhood can hear her sceechy squeal.

I love trying to catch kids in mid air. I don't know why. This is Enoch.

I did not like this picture of Austin (too blurry), but Dad said it looked like the football was coming right at you so I put it in.

Another mid air shot-- Enoch jumnping into our dead garden. You can see a pinapple plant on the lower right, and a young banana tree on the lower left.

This is a really great picture of Chokon. Hannah thinks it is gross, but I like it. It shows what this fellow is like all the time.

Thank you for your kind attention. Your internet reporter, Noah Reed