Saturday, April 08, 2006

Photo Essay: People and Dogs in My Life By Noah Reed

My Dad said I could take some pictures, so I did. I hope you like them. Noah.


The Pocknalls said...

I do like your photos Noah.
I have been enjoying looking at your blog.
I grew up in Tanzania as my Mum and Dad were missionaries there. I love looking at how and where others live - especially if Africa is involved.
We used to have a black labrador when I was a child by the name of Midnight. She was necessary as a guard dog, but a great companion too. She ended up having 22 puppies in the time we owned her (2 litters). Some were bitten by snakes and died, but most lived and were given to other families who would look after them.
I'll check back in another time to see what you have been doing.

phreed83 said...

Hi Noah and all. Aunt Patty here. I just got my own blog about my garden so I'm finally registered to make comments - Steve, Emma and I check yours most every day to see what you all are doing. Love your pics and seeing what your daily life is like. Bailey has learned to find Liberia on every map or globe we see -- along with almost as exotic (to her) California, where her other cousins are. Talk to you later. Patty