Monday, February 19, 2007

LifeWater Comes to Foster Town

FoCDA-- One of the commitments Renita and I share-- is the new Foster Town Community Development Association. FoCDA is also a Bassa word meaning rest. FoCDA is working on several projects-- security, HIV-AIDS education, community workshops, building a local market, and now drinking water. Thousands of people in the area have access to just a handful of maintained closed wells, and only a few more than that drink from unsafe open wells. LifeWater Canada, a group that includes our brother-in-law Brian Schenk is here in force beginning Wednesday to dig wells at various locations around the country. Its in-country counterpart, LifeWater Liberia, was here Saturday to conduct a water safety workshop and to discuss putting four new hand pump operated wells in the Foster Town area. This of course is a drop in the bucket (sorry) compared to the need for safe water, but it is a start.
In other FoCDA news, the market is slowly taking shape. The framing poles go up this week, and the roof poles will follow. We do not have the funds yet to put zinc on the roof, but we believe this community will make that happen. Yesterday was the monthly community forum. It is an honor to sit in on these meetings and hear how our neighbors are problem solving their way to a better life.

The LifeWater workshop focused on water usage and some hygiene stuff. Here the presenters test to see who knows the proper method of hand-washing. About one-third got it right.

A little reminder not to poopoo around a water source.

The women of FoCDA at the market site. The poles (called "sticks" here) are just going up.

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