Monday, February 12, 2007

Losing A Loyal Protector

Local Weather: Temp mid 90’s and humid in the day, mid 80s and humid at night. Partly cloudy most days. Precipitation: one day of rain since mid November, approximately 1 inch.

News Headlines: The Liberian Speaker of the House locked in battle with the House over past corruption; recent rioting by former police over back pay— main roads blocked, several hurt, arrested.

Last week we lost two dogs close to us: Peace, Trokon and Eastman’s puppy, and our own Pinky. Both Peace and Pinky died within a day of contracting some unknown virus, and within a day of each other. Peace’s sister, Spunky from next door, almost died last week from apparently the same illness. Another nearby dog died yesterday.

Pinky was our barker. Whereas our other dog Nikki is quiet and something of a coward, Pinky was protective and a howler. All of our visitors were afraid of her, which here is a good thing. We believe she was a key factor in keeping us rogue-free for nine months now. It was sad watching her struggle Friday throughout the day and slip away during the night, especially since there was nothing we could do for her. Saturday morning, we buried her with tears under our large mango tree.

Tropical climates are rough on mammals. Parasites, opportunistic disease, infection all take their toll, and sudden death is commonplace. Animals die, people die, and everybody remaining can only move on.

This is Peace a couple months ago. Much bigger by the time she died. She and the monkey eyeing the strange human behavior.

Our last shot of Pinky, taken a few weeks ago one fine evening with her adopted daughter, Grace the deer.

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