Monday, May 28, 2007

A Few Lines Before We Head Outa Here

Weather: Sunday, partly cloudy and humid, temps in the lo 90's. Monday, heavy overcast, with occasional rain. Winds 5-10mph from the west. hi temps in the lo 80's, with nighttime lo's in the upper 70's.

Tis Monday, and sometime early Thursday we will become the Reeds in Belgium, then late Thursday will transform into the Reeds in Michigan. We will spend the month of June in the US and Canada, then be back here by July 1. We are busy with loose ends, but still have some news.

Item-- The market place is almost up. The roof is nearly complete and by the time we return, we hope to see the women selling their goods. We cannot convey to you what a victory this is for the Foster Town community.

Item-- Mother Patern has received over 50 applicants to their new BSW program. That's more than we can handle, but it means we'll probably get some good students out of the bunch.

Item-- The pangolin remains with us. He is still only drinking milk, and has not yet learned that the eggs the flies lay on him are edible, so we need to clean off the larvae that hide under his scales. When he gets older, they will be a convenient snack.

Item-- LEAD's fifth class begins in June while we are in the States.

Next Blog from the States!

The Market nearly finished. A community coming together under one zinc roof.

That's it from Pangolin country!

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