Monday, May 21, 2007

Concrete Evidence of Confident Hope

I mentioned a few weeks ago that throughout Liberia, but especially around the larger cities, we see houses going up. Thousands of new cement block homes are being built, all beginning at once, as if by signal. Here, within eyesight of our house, we’ve seen four new homes within a year and now our friend and former pastor Sam Reeves of Providence Baptist Church is building here too-- right next door.

A couple typical shots out the car window. On top on the way to Kakata, about eight miles out of Monrovia. On the bottom, on the way from the airport, about fifteen miles southeast of Monrovia. If you look closely at both, there are about twenty new homes in the process of construction. Just to the left and right, twenty more, and twenty more, and so on...

This is a hill a few miles from our home. Two years ago, there were about three houses on it.

Back in our neighborhood, this is the scene just next to our house. Sam Reeves is walling off his property in preparation for laying his foundation. Unfortunately, we will soon be trapped in our yard if we don't move our current gate which opens into his yard.

This is our property on the left last year above, and how it looks now with the new Reeves' wall being constructed. Like much in Liberia, an old pathway must give way to progress.

This is one of our neighbors' home. Where the family of five live currently is on the right-- a better view is in the insert. This family has lived in that matt shack for several years. Soon they will move to their new home. This is very typical. Reclaim the land you own, build a structure on it, and when you can afford it, build your house.

A couple months ago, this house next door did not exist. Then suddenly, we have new neighbors.

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