Monday, January 05, 2009

The Reeds in the Wind

Hi folks! I'm very happy to announce the creation of our new blog--

Our new email address
(You can still use any of the ones you have though.)

Since this is not "goodbye," but simply "HEY! We're usually over THERE now!" I'll spare us all the tear-jerking.

And we're are not finished with our Liberia activity, but I'll most likely post it in Reeds in the Wind. So please hop over there.

Thanks so much for your interest in The Reeds in Liberia.

"A bruised Reed He will not break." I hope. Yers Trooly just finishing up the new blog this afternoon.


Dustie Champagne said...

This was very interesting ecspecially since I have to do a country report on Liberia and also I have to make a map for it to

The Reeds in the Wind said...


Glad we could help. Good luck on your report!

Bob Reed