Monday, November 24, 2008

Last Night I had the Strangest Dream

Hey you--

Gotta tell ya about this one. It was one of those real long dreams-- you know, that come from a deep sleep. In it, I was in Africa-- in Liberia I think-- I was part of a family and we were doing all sorts of things there. Strange images kept coming. There was this one part where this African kid just stared at us and sang to us from up a plum tree. And another part where I was doing some teaching or something to Africans and my clothes were soaking wet... and another part where it was dark and there were these three evil smelling dudes with machetes trying to rob me and this family I was with... the robbers kept "shushing" me....

I remember this family I was with even had a monkey and some sort of armadillo or something. And my wife was named Wanita or something, and she was like this super woman and I remember feeling guilty because I was just some middle aged fat bald guy who sweated all the time. I remember being by the ocean and some kid drowned... it was weird. They seemed to keep drowning at regular intervals right through the dream.

There was no TV or running water or Internet at our house. We had a generator or something we ran every night for lights. We lived behind this cement block wall with glass shards and razor wire on it. We ate this really strong tasting food with snails and some kind of raccoon meat. No Burger Kings, KFCs or even 7-11s in the neighborhood either. I couldn't even find Diet Mt Dew, even though I kept looking and looking... and this all white family I started off with kept getting bigger and bigger because now these Africans-- Liberians I think-- were joining the family. And then there were these babies named Wanita and Bob, just like me and this lady I was married to. That was creepy. But it was so honkin' real.

Ah but then I woke up, opened the shades and saw this:

... and I knew it was just a dream.

So I went back to bed. Write more later.

Yer Pal,



bemis said...

I love this post! I know the feeling--I've been back from Romania for two weeks now and I can't believe I was there just a few weeks ago. It feels like a dream or a different life or something.

I've really enjoyed your blog for awhile--thanks!

rebecca said...

If it was a dream, then it was a very, very good dream. Blessings on you all as you move on to the next phase!!

Lorraine Woodward said...

I've heard that this Wanita IS a superwoman! ;-)

Welcome . . . um, home?! The snow is just proof that God likes to mess with us.