Monday, August 11, 2008

Now, for Something Completely Different:

The Reeds in Nigeria
Weather: Some light rain during the day, but mostly partly clody. Light, varable breezes. Daytime highs in the low to mid 70'sF (Lo 20sC), nighttime lows in the mid to upper 60'sF (Upper teens C)
At least half of the Reeds, anyway. After a delay of eight hours, we left Monrovia last Friday, stayed overnight in Lagos Nigeria, and by Saturday morning found ourselves in Jos. Unfortunately, we are as yet unable to download pictures, but I must say, Jos is beautiful. Jos sets on the great Jos Plateau, so temperatures year round are comfortable and humidity is much lower than on the Liberian coast. We are involved in meetings here as Renita talks about what LEAD is doing in Liberia and I discuss other matters, do a bit of teaching, and prepare to attend a justice conference next week.
We'll do our best to get some images up, but for now, to see general touristy images of Jos, check out the web site at Click on the photo links.

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cait.needham said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog about life in Liberia. I just returned from Paynesville, Liberia (outside of Monrovia) on August 5. I was there working with Kingdom Harvest Ministries at their yearly convention. I love going and visiting my friends in Liberia and I can't wait to return, sometime early next year.
I hope you have a productive time in Nigeria.
Cait Needham
Vancouver, WA