Monday, January 22, 2007

Huck Finn Ain't Got Nothin' on Noah

As soon as school lets out, they call to each other with rooster crows-- right out of Peter Pan. On Saturday morning, we hear the calls as soon as we get up. It is Trokon and Eastman, Noah's fellow comrades, warriors, adventurers and chums, come to join forces. Noah answers with an er-a-er-a-eeeerrrr, and they are off.

When we came, we hoped Noah would find Africa a place that would give outlet his huge imagination, a place that would provide him with a chance to laugh and learn all the time. Now, with his two fast friends at his side, Noah is fully occupied, discovering how Liberian boys make their lives work. Trokon and Eastman are very poor, and live with several other adults and children in a 15' x 10' mat and zinc shack. But their mother provides them with school and allows them to play every day with Noah, something many parents could not afford to do. In return, we feed the boys supper and help the family in various ways. But mostly, the boys give Noah loyalty and daily adventures that would make Huck, Tom, and even Peter turn green. Here is a typical week.

One of their several fishin' holes. Noah can't get enough fishin' in.

Tree climbin' tips from an expert.

Making a working palm hut with rooms.

Cookin' rice over a campfire.

A little cement work-- making a play house.

Eastman and Noah trying capture sparks on film.

Running their own soft drink business-- here with Trokon returning the empties.

Making cars completely out of bamboo-- including bamboo nails.

Playing a truly authentic game of "Monkey in the Middle."


David Beelen said...

Hey Reeds...great pictures of Noah. I remember doing all those things as a kid except the monkey in the middle. I still miss Hannah's hugs on Sunday morning. Have a great day!

Rick and Debbie Sacra said...

Have I mentioned that I love your blog? I think it's because your sense of humor and your heart come through so well in your pics and your writing. Glad to have you here!

The Reeds in Liberia said...

Hey Dave,
Thanks-- We all miss you too!

Debbie and Rick,
That's very kind od you. Glad you are here as well.


Julie DeGraw said...