Wednesday, October 25, 2006

On to Monrovia and Mother Patern College. Yers Trooly teaching 13 social work students in the senior class. Yers tells me he is getting quite fond of these folks-- he also taught them in the spring.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I am Jonathan and a Liberian who just a few days ago found your blog chronicling your time in Liberia. I must say that I am very excited each time I read it since I found it. Don't mind that a lot of Liberians are not reading what you wrote but I am. I am truly blessed of the fact that folks will abandon all they own and have to help others all for the sake of humanity and God.

I am starting a new blog soon. I already have it laid out but I am having to decide and schedule myself on how I am going to be updating it daily.

I am an IT professional working with the AARP in DC.

I truly enjoy hearing your stories of life and people in Liberia. Where exactly are you guys and which mission do you work for?

Jonathan Lah