Saturday, September 30, 2006

Soggy View from the Porch

I mentioned a while back that international meteorologists tell us that Liberia is technically blessed with two rainy seasons, that June and July are the first, followed by what Liberians call “the Dries,” roughly falling for a brief period sometime in August. In September, the second wet period begins, and sometimes lasts through October.

Well, folks, it’s true. Last September was abnormally dry, so I thought the wet season would really be over by now. Wishful thinking, my dear net readers. After a brief reprieve in early August, the showers of blessing returned with an agenda. This September has been the wettest month since we’ve been here, with many days of constant or near constant rain. Yesterday it rained about seven inches and so far today—it is 11:00am as I write—we’ve seen three inches. There is very little thunder, but we are told October is the thunderstorm month. We can hardly wait.

But thanks in part to your emails and calls, we feel buoyed in the deluge. Our spirits are high and dry, and we are active enough without feeling overwhelmed. The kids are back in school with their great teacher, and this term they are also learning carving from Michael, a craftsman graduate from LEAD who makes his living selling Mahogany and Ironwood masks, elephants, Nativity scenes, and other assorted wood creations.

Renita just got through yet another workshop, this one for a local school on classroom management. I mentioned before that her LEAD class is going strong with 35 students, and that I am teaching the social work students at MPCHS.

And the rains continue.

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