Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Welcomed Respite in The Gambia

We just returned from a week in The Gambia with families from Christian Reformed World Missions (CRWM) and Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC). The Reeds have not taken a vacation since 2004, so this was a breath of fresh air, figuratively and literally. We were on the ocean with stiff cool breezes every day, all day. Hannah and Renita were actually cold several times, and I felt great. Noah and I did a lot of exploring, visiting tide pools and collecting shells. It was simply lovely.

Today, I woke up in Liberia. I discovered Henry’s funeral is next week—here they embalm the body for three weeks and more of viewing—and Mary Joyce is still clinging to life, but the doctors want to discharge her, as there is nothing they can do to help. My throat and arm infections are almost cleared up, thanks to 500mg of cefalexin every five hours.

Enjoy some shots of The Reeds in The Gambia.

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