Friday, November 04, 2005

What we would call the "living room."

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J.Marie said...

Hello there Reeds family, Just wanted to say thanks for what you are doing in Liberia. Words can not express the tough in my head right now. Thanks again from the botton of my heart. I am a liberian who lives in the U.S. and became an American a year ago, but I know with in myself what ever i lean or get from America, I still know where I Came from, And thats Liberia. I will be coming to liberia for a month same time next year. After almost 10 years away from my friends and family. When i get there I will like to meet your family? if thats okey. Again I say thank you for all that u do. Not only for the people of Liberia but, For what u are doing for the world. You Make me proud to be call a Liberian/Americen May God bess you and your fimily with good health so that you can keep doing his work. The world need a million of Reeds family like yours, Image what this world will be like? God bless it's Jandae From Houston Tx. P.S My email is